About Us

Radley & Associates

Radley & Associates began as risk and operational consultants to the financial services. After delivering projects for major international banks, R&A were hired by a consortium of CRE lenders to provide a solution for risk and regulatory reporting.

Seeing the need for a comprehensive enterprise platform for CRE lending, R&A developed PROMS, a modular system for all operational, risk and reporting needs.

Working together with major investment funds and REITS, PROMS' powerful engine was extended to provide solutions for investors including pension funds, fund managers and appraisal firms.


Dr Howard Radley

PHD (Economics) Oxford University. 15+ years experience in leading teams to provide CRE loan solutions internationally. Previously Howard was a Managing Director at Oliver Wyman and Senior Partner at Gemini Consulting.

Charles Cardozo

MBA Columbia, MA (Engineering Economics and Management) Oxford University. 15+ years experience in CRE loan analysis and software development. Lecturer at Reading University, expert witness, member of Property Industry Alliance long-term sustainable value working group. Delivered seminars in CRE risk management including for CREFC and the Bank of England.

Peter Michaels

BA (Maths and Philosophy) Manchester University. 15+ years experience building CRE loan software solutions for international lenders. Implemented advanced methodologies and developed a deep expertise in data, mathematical modelling and simulation techniques.