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Risk Management

Radley & Associates was founded on the premise that risk and strategy in banking are inseparable. We do not believe that traditional strategy formulation techniques are sufficient to understand the unique nature of risk and capital management. When we started the firm in 1999 many bank's viewed risk management as a compliance issue that was subsidiary to concerns about market share, product development, customer management and operational cost control. Now that risk has risen to the top of many executives' agendas it is time to ensure that risk is seen as a business imperative and not a reaction to increasing regulatory concerns.

We are able to help organisations of all sizes put in place the appropriate risk strategies, methodologies and systems to successfully grow in a challenging market. Radley & Associates have extensive experience in all aspects of risk strategy, risk model development, pricing and decisioning tool development to support lending businesses.

Our approach to risk is pragmatic and we strongly believe that it is critical for a successful risk programme to create links across business units so that the tools for assessing credit risk are shared and embraced by the risk department, underwriting, sales staff and management. By building systems that have buy-in across the organisation we are able to fully integrate risk and concepts such as Economic Profit into the business.