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ProMS eValuation

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Automated Valuations for Commercial Real Estate. A revolution in managing real estate appraisals and loan collateral. The first and only comprehensive AVM platform that covers all classes of CRE in all localities; Office, Retail, Industrial, Warehousing, Student, Multifamily and Hospitality

ProMS eValuation is the product of real estate expertise combined with advanced technology and a deep understanding of business process. Regulators and other stakeholders are demanding pension funds, lenders and other systemically important institutions conduct adequate reviews of real estate investments and collateral and have early warning systems in place to identify emerging problems. Our clients, large real estate lenders and investment funds, complain about the difficulty and high cost of deciding which properties need a full review. Do all the assets in the portfolio have reliable and up-to-date information on tenancies, leases and other critical information? Is an expensive external appraisal necessary to establish the property is able to support its liabilities? We set about solving these problems to reduce risk and lower costs.

ProMS eValuation allows users to choose from a wide range of automated valuation methodologies:

  • Indexing original valuations using CRE market data (Global)
    • With or without updated rent rolls
    • Validation can be set to exclude stale data
  • Red Book (UK RICS methodology) auto-valuation
  • DCF auto-valuations (mainly for USA)
  • Capitalisation auto-valuations (USA)
  • DWV auto-valuations (Germany)
  • Covers US, Canada, Mexico, UK, EU, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand etc.

Radically reduce the cost of appraisals through:

  • Sophisticated data management tools to identify errors and critical dates
  • Eliminated stale data, for example a lease has ended but lender not informed by borrower if lease renewed or there is a new tenant
  • Errors in the original Argus or DCF file
  • Generate warning emails to tell back office which loans need reviewing and where critical events need monitoring
  • Identify cases where over-optimistic assumptions were used in original appraisal, for example rental growth, CapRates etc
  • Identify only those loans where the collateral needs a full re-appraisal
  • Cloud technology and security enable off-shoring low value work

Powerful data management features

  • Appraisal and Loan Review Workflow
  • Pipeline management for valuation updates
  • Custom reporting
  • Record keeping for audit

Seamless flow of data from initial appraisal to loan refinance

  • Cloud delivered
  • Integration with all major CRE and Lending systems via APIs
  • Unlimited user numbers
  • Unlimited assets
  • Penetration tested and secure

Desktop commercial real estate valuations

  • Reduce risk
  • Eliminate costly appraisals
  • Simplify the loan review process
  • Know what’s in the back book
  • Keep all stakeholders informed

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