PROMS can be a cloud delivered service or installed on premises. Its modular construction enables highly customisable systems for our clients.


The system is accessible via all modern web browsers. It is designed for use on any computer or tablet (including Android and Apple iPad) with no installation required.


PROMS is built around a granular, fast and accurate cash-flow engine that can run both single scenarios or many thousands of simulations across large multi-asset portfolios

Data neutrality

PROMS works with open source data and with your existing data subscriptions - we do not resell proprietary CRE market data


Our PROMS implementations have satisfied some of the most demanding IT security standards in the world. We work with each client to ensure PROMS meets all your required data and access security standards.


Data integration:

  • Customisable Excel templates for underwriting and sharing data
  • Import leading valuation models
  • Complete database including complex expense recovery structures
  • All inputs and outputs to and from Excel/CSV/XML/JSON
  • Complete set of APIs for access to functionality and data
  • Easily build customised ETLs to existing data systems
  • Full audit trail including multiple versions of each deal
  • Document warehouse
  • Internal and external messaging


  • Reactive user interface
  • Complete set of CRE data including granular rent roll
  • Inline data validation to ensure accuracy
  • No installation required on user computers
  • Secure external access for use by partners such as appraisal firms

Find out how PROMS can transform your CRE business

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