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ProMS eValuation

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Step 1. Automate the loan review and collateral appraisal workflow

Step 2. Automate the loan review and collateral appraisal workflow

  • Cyclical reviews for any time period
  • Lease events such as potential lease end or break
  • Events during a construction project such as phase completion
  • Refinance early warning

Step 3. Select preferred valuation technique

Step 4. Validate the information held on the property is correct

Step 5. Triage collateral: which loans need no further review, which need desk-top analysis and which require a full appraisal

  • How out of date is the information in the loan file?
  • Is any of the missing data critical for the valuation of the collateral?
  • Were there errors in the data or assumptions in the original appraisal file?
  • Since the last review, has the value of the collateral fallen below the LTV covenants? Or have any leases expired?
  • Does the income still cover the interest and principle repayments?
  • If the property fails data validation or breaches the loan LTV or DSCR covenants in a series of automated tests then it may need further desktop review or a full re-appraisal

Step 6. Using a variety of valuation techniques identify if the collateral value is within its covenants

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